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What adjective would you suggest for the like of someone who consistently has a hard time finishing what s/he has started?

I thought of the word "distracted", but I don't feel it's sufficient to describe the full story.

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Weak-willed looks appropriate here. Irresolute may also fit. Irresolute is more about changing his mind and not making choices while weak-willed describes literally a lack of will.

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Feckless may come close: ‘lacking vigour, energy, or capacity’.

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  • Procrastinator, One who procrastinates; one who delays working on things.
  • butterfly, in sense of flitting from flower to flower
  • A dabbler or dilettante need not be a non-finisher, but often may be.
  • A couple of neologisms from tardy (late; overdue or delayed; ineffectual) and dilatory (intentionally delaying ..., intended to cause delay) are the horrid tardian and nicer dilatorian, which may carry a soupçon of humor.
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"infirm of purpose"
lacking firmness of will or character or purpose

"infirm of purpose; give me the daggers" - Shakespeare

However, this term may also mean lacking a definite objective or purpose altogether.

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The colloquial sticktoitiveness is a good antonym for your situation. So perhaps what you need is "xxx lacks any sticktoitiveness."

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