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In Japan, people are keen about what word is chosen as the Grand Prix winning word of the Most Popular Buzz Word of the Year -MPBW. The contest was initiated in 1884 by a publisher, Jiyukokumin-sha, well-known for its long life best seller, “The Basic Knowledge of Contemporary Words - BKCW” that is updated every year. The candidate words are selected by panelist members from thousands of new words registered in BKCW and put to public vote. The result is announced on December 1st every year, and reported and televised by major newspapers, magazines and TVs. Many people join the vote for MPBW, and what word is selected as the Grand Prix word of MPBWY is a sort of national interest nowaday.

This years’ Grand Prix word voted as the most popular buzz word was "Nadesiko (fringed pinc flower, an alias of beautiful but courageous Japanese women) Japan", All Japan team of professional female soccer that won 2011 Women’s World Soccer Cup.

2nd Kizuna – Human bond: possibly evoked with Great Earthquake association.

3rd Kodama de shoka? – Is it an echo?: the phrase of famous female poet used in a public organization's TV commercial to support and cheer up victims of Eastern Japan Earthquake.

4th 3.11: the day Eastern Japan M9 earthquake took place.

5th Sumapho: smart phone.

Reflecting the tide of time, this year's top-ranking MPBW words are mostly and specifically associated with Eastern Japan earthquake.

Do you have the same event as MPBWY? If you have, what is the most popular buzz word that prevailed in this year. If you don’t have, what do you think is the most popular buzz word that came up to people's mouth in this year, in your country?

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There is more than one question, but the first question does not have "many valid answers". For "Do you have the same event as MPBWY?", the answer is either "Yes" or "No". I think it could safely be answered "Yes". A "Word of the year" selection is made by popular dictionaries (such as MW in US, Oxford in UK), and it is always covered in the media (google "Word of the year"). –  Colin Pickard Jan 27 '12 at 13:24

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