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For example, you're doing a research for a car to purchase. You get a list of cars with engine number, city where a car was assembled, and a color. What's missing is make, model and price.

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Misinforming, maybe? – Mateen Ulhaq Nov 16 '11 at 5:57
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When it's done deliberately, it's obfuscation.

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The irrelevant information could be described as a smokescreen.

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To sidetrack is to direct a person's attention away from the relevant subject to an irrelevant one.

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Specifications can be slanted, imperfect, flawed, missing, incomplete, deficient, deceptive, blemished, embellished, camouflaged, cherry-picked, or corrupt because of mendacity, laziness, misinformation, turpitude, equivocation, double dealing, a shell game, forgetfulness, delay, propagandizing, or random error; no one word will fit all cases. Other possibly related phrases: pull the wool over your eyes, sell you some snakeoil, rigamarole, specmanship.

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