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I am writing a support message to a customer support of an audio hardware vendor. I need to describe them that I am running Microsoft Windows as the main OS on my computer. Is "Windows-based PC" term it correct to describe a computer with say Windows XP installed?

An example of using the term:

  • I am using the Audigy card with onboard firewire controller to connect my audio device to a Windows-based PC.
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Windows-based PC is ok, as is Windows PC. However, when writing support messages or bug reports, it's best to give as much pertinent information as possible. So tell them you have a PC with Windows XP.

(It may even help to tell what service pack has. Try and tell them exactly what you did when the problem occurred and if it's repeatable.)

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This answer is fine, just a brief elaboration for the original poster: I am using the Audigy 2 ZS card with the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series driver 2.18.0017 on a PC running Windows XP (SP3). – robrambusch Nov 13 '11 at 1:23

Rather than calling it a Windows-based PC which sounds awkward though nobody will misunderstand you, you can simply call it a PC with Windows XP installed.

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