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What is the term for the narrow uncovered walkway that fringes the sides of a ship? It's enclosed by a railing. I wouldn't call it a deck, because deck implies a larger open area. It's a passageway from the bow to the stern, or between different decks.

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Your question fits the description of promenade deck from Wikipedia:

The promenade deck is a deck found on several types of passenger ships and riverboats. It usually extends from bow to stern, on both sides, and includes areas open to the outside, resulting in a continuous outside walkway suitable for promenading, (ie, walking) thus the name.

A deck does not have to be a large open area:

Deck 1. Nautical a. a floorlike surface wholly or partially occupying one level of a hull, superstructure, or deckhouse, generally cambered, and often serving as a member for strengthening the structure of a vessel.

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Do you mean, "promenade deck"?

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