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If I had a list of awards and wanted to organise that list by the organizations that gave out those awards, what would be a good word to use?

I can only think of by awarder which doesn't sound great.

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The question phrasing ("organizations that gave out those awards") is too muddled for a definitive answer to be given. 'Presenter' is a proper word for the person that hands over the award. 'Sponsor' is a proper word for an organization that funds an award. 'Host' is a possible word for an organization that puts on an awards ceremony.

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"Organization" works if they're all organizations. "Source" works if you want to be more general, for example if some awards are awarded by people rather than groups.

If the award context is already established (this is a list of awards, with such a heading), then you don't really need an award-specific word like "awarder" (which, as you say, isn't great).

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It may depend some on the type of award, but sponsor covers a lot of territory:

1. a person who vouches or is responsible for a person or thing.

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Either conferrer or grantor may work if the context is correct. If this situation applies to organizations that don't actually determine the award recipients, presenter might be better.

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As ever, it depends on the context. In some situations, donor might be appropriate.

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