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I'm hoping this is not a grey area as 'smartphone' means a lot of things. But I need to know if I am looking at statistics that say 'smartphone' does this cover all phones with a browser or are there phones with browsers that are not included in this statistic.

For example this Google infographic: enter image description here

Says 37% - 50% of Australians now use a smartphone. Am I safe to assume this means approximately half of Australians have browser enabled phones or is there another percentage say 10% or whatever that has crappy old phones that also have a browser like my wife's old Motorola?

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"Smartphone" as a word in general English doesn't have a tightly defined meaning. You'd have to look for details of the meaning in your source data. I find it hard to imagine something without a browser as being legitimately defined as a smartphone, but I would remind you that "browser" might not always mean what you think it means. There are some brands of phone/carrier combinations where a very limited, highly controlled browser is used: not full internet access, but access to a limited, carrier controlled subset of the web.

Bottom line is that you will have to look to the survey details for the meaning of smartphone rather than the dictionary, or the motley denizens of this forum.

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