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What is a phrase to indicate the action testing and correcting? For example, imagine a situation in which you don't know what you should do exactly and step by step you change things and see the results.

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It's called trial and error.

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Some related terms:

  • cut and try - "marked by trial and error; cut–and–try methods, cut–and–try testing. First Known Use 1903."
  • hill climbing - "...starts with an arbitrary solution to a problem, then attempts to find a better solution by incrementally changing [elements] of the solution. If the change produces a better solution, an incremental change is made to the new solution..." Note, gradient methods are related to hill climbing.
  • kaizen, a continual1 improvement process, via a Plan - Do - Check - Act cycle, somewhat like using a series of small testing-and-correcting steps.

Note 1: wikipedia indicates continual is preferred to continuous here.

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In Programming it is reffered to as debugging

de·bug (d-bg)

tr.v. de·bugged, de·bug·ging, de·bugs

  1. To search for and eliminate malfunctioning elements or errors in: debug a spacecraft before launch; debug a computer program.
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