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I am working on translating software and its documentation to English. This software basically organizes and stores technical documents.

A document may consist of a set of various files, stored on a server. Usually, only one user will work on a document, while others could download its files.

I would like to have a name for this set of files, relative to the document. I am thinking of body of the document but I am not sure that it sounds OK.

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Use the word "library" for everything then the word "collection" for the categories within it. A "volume" for an individual file. The workable file called the "master" while the others are "read-only" Does that help?

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Like this. Thank you very much. – Benoit Oct 6 '10 at 15:04

Your explanation is a little bit vague, but body of the document is definitely not appropriate as this would usually refer to the core content of the document itself.

The term consist in is ungrammatical and slightly confusing (consist of or exist in are grammatically correct but have opposite meanings in this context.)

  • If you are trying to refer to a set of files that supports and contributes to a central document, you may be looking for a term like supporting fileset.
  • If you are trying to refer to a set of files that contains this document along with a number of others, you may wish to refer to the document's parent repository.

I hope I've understood your question correctly!

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Thank you for your time. I have corrected that consist in mistake (I should have known). I think that “supporting fileset” is a good approach, but I wonder whether it may be consistent with the fact that every frozen revision of a document will be archived in the system. Therefore there will be several filesets for a document, one of them will be the corpus of the last revision? – Benoit Oct 6 '10 at 15:14
You're very welcome :-) – PyroTyger Oct 6 '10 at 16:06

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