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I need a word to reflect participating in the job of a roadie. In the same way that you would describe activities as selling, painting, driving, is there such a word as roadieing? (I feel dirty typing it, so I suspect not)

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According to the Oxford Dictionary Online the word roadie acts as both noun and verb:


a person employed by a touring band of musicians to set up and maintain equipment.

verb [no object]

work as a roadie.

However, this seems a bit awkward ("I roadie for the Rolling Stones"), so you could also use the verb phrase to be a roadie or to work as a roadie. For example, it sounds natural to say:

I worked as a roadie last summer.

I was a roadie last summer.

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Frustrating as it is, I think I will have to settle for a phrase rather than a single word. – shanethehat Aug 9 '11 at 8:07

The activity of being a roadie is touring. I was with roadies myself and that's how they say it.

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While this is correct, I doesn't work for my situation because it is not clear enough to someone who doesn't know. – shanethehat Aug 9 '11 at 8:06

So late to this conversation!

Both roadies and musicians can tour. Only roadies can roady. And when roadies work, they are roadying.

How do I know this? I roadied!

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My missus was a roadie who roadied back in the 90s. As I went to some of the gigs she was at, I suspect that we met whilst she was roadying but if I was at a concert, I was probably inebriated and oblivious to the roadies. – Dave M Jun 17 at 14:02

I've seen it spelled "roady" so the verb could probably be "roadying". Slightly better than "roadieing", but I don't think it's something I see written very often.

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