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From WordWeb:

Annual: Occurring or payable every year

What is the corresponding single word for occurring every two year, three year, four year etc.

I understand that it's surely not exhaustively defined for all possible year gap, but how far is it define?

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Here are the direct answers to the ones you've asked and a few more.

2 years Biennial
3 years Triennial
4 years Quadrennial
5 years Quinquennial
6 years Sexennial
7 years Septennial
8 years Octennial
9 years Novennial
10 years Decennial

Read here for a list of more yearly multiples

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There's also Sesquiennial in the question Is there a term to describe an event which happens every 18 months. – Alenanno Jul 29 '11 at 10:57
@Alenanno: and you did notice it was I that answered that one too ;) – JoseK Jul 29 '11 at 11:04
ahahah no! I didn't lol – Alenanno Jul 29 '11 at 11:16

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