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Is there a more concise expression for "time it takes to perform an action", where an action is anything that can be done by someone or something?

The expression would be used in a list of (unrelated) actions:

Actor: Person

Description: Walk in the park

Precondition: Good weather

________: 30 minutes

Actor: Program

Description: Load website

Precondition: Internet connection

________: 2 seconds

Actor: Animal

Description: Fetch!

Precondition: Woof! Woof!

________: 10 seconds

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Consider: Time elapsed – michael_timofeev Jan 9 at 15:02
Or, if in the future, allotted rather than elapsed. – stevesliva Jan 9 at 19:12
Can't you just use the word 'Time'? I think that would work for filling in the blanks in your question. – icc97 Jan 9 at 22:29

You may use duration:

  • the length of time something continues or exists. (The Free Dictionary)

  • the length of time that something exists or lasts. (M-W)


  • You should gradually increase the duration of your workout.
  • For the whole duration of the speech the bored audience fidgeted.
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Good answer. "Duration" is what I was about to answer, but you beat me to it. – Benjamin Harman Jan 9 at 15:36

Duration is good, but I think it has a slightly different connotation than what you want, which is the amount of time required for a task to be completed, not exactly the amount of time something lasts. I would just use time in that context. I think the meaning would be clear.

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The expected time it will take to perform an action would be its par.

Par \ˈpär\ noun : an amount taken as an average or norm –MW

Actor: Person
Description: Walk in the park
Precondition: Good weather
Par : 30 minutes

See, Par Timedoom.wikia.com

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