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What's the difference between bliss and happiness?

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Bliss is a great deal stronger than happiness. You can be happy because it's not raining today, or because you found your glasses. But bliss is reserved for a state of complete, perfect happiness, such as what you may experience by finding your soulmate or having a transcendent spiritual experience.

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+1 - Concise, but clear. –  Alenanno Apr 24 '11 at 17:09

Happiness is an emotion while bliss is a condition of the mind.

Emotions occur at an excited state of the mind and anything that's at an excited state comes back to ground state. Whereas bliss is a general state of the mind by itself, it doesn't take anything to do in order to attain bliss - it's just there. Whereas to feel happy, you need to do something like getting good marks, earning money, making friends,and so on.

The path to attain a state of bliss is through self contentment, where all your actions are done without ego involved - consequences don't matter but your willingness to do something is what matters.

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Bliss is felt in the heart and as if in our blood. It is state of happiness when asking for anything is foreign to it, even we do not ask for spiritual virtues. It is all in all.

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This answer doesn't clear things up at all. I have no idea what you mean. –  p.s.w.g Jul 6 '13 at 15:22

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