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I'm focused on the punctuation. If anybody can help point out if there are any errors, I'd appreciate it.

The two characters in the band are James (left—who I worked with previously for his old group, Typhoon Loco) and DJ Siphon (aka “Siphonator”—right). Below are reference photos given to me by the guys.

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I don't know about those em-dashes separating the stage-directions (or whatever you would call them) from the rest of the parentheticals. Why don't you re-write it to dodge the issue:

The two characters in the band are James (left) with whom I worked previously in Typhoon Loco, his old group, and DJ Siphon (right), aka “Siphonator”.

Of course, some might say the comma after "group" should be elevated to a semi-colon...

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Thanks. That works for me! – J82 Apr 23 '11 at 2:47

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