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I've always found it irksome when people form sentences such as "I'm done my homework." It is of my understanding that you are never done something, but rather you are done with something.

Am I right to be bothered by this?

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You're right to be bothered.

I'm done my homework

is not acceptable English.

I'm done with my homework

I have done my homework

I did my homework

are fine. Done is called the past participle of the verb do, and done needs a helper word like have or had when used as a verb.

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Note that I've done is a normal contraction of I have done and is fine to use in speech. A novice learner might not have not have noticed that I've and not I'm is used in this context. –  mgkrebbs Apr 15 '11 at 21:54

I'm done my homework is completely acceptable in some regions. Canada, some regions of Philadelphia, NJ, and New Hampshire. Language changes, so I would say when entire countries are now finding a certain construct acceptable, that's enough to say that it is indeed acceptable :)

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My homework's done.

I've done my homework.

I'm done with my homework.

All are acceptable.

I'm done my homework? Not if it's for English class.

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'have done' is the present perfect of 'do'

I've done my homework

I'm done is incorrect.

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I'm done my homework is incorrect. If you want to say it with your buddies in Philadelphia, no one will make a big deal out of it because it is a regional quirk. Do not write it in anything academic or professional though. Also, say it to someone outside the small area of the country where it is considered acceptable and people will cringe.

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This grammatical construction is popular in Canadian English. To me as a Canadian I was surprised to find that it was not standard. I have found someone say that it's frequently used in Philadelphia but not Pittsbourgh. Odd... It can be found in some regions of the United States, but not all. Linguistic data on the internet is hard to come by.

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I've just done a Google Ngram search for 'I'm done my homework' and there are no examples in their extensive corpus. –  Edwin Ashworth Aug 27 '14 at 21:52
The 1.9-billion-word Corpus of Global Web-Based English has 16 citations for "I'm done my ...", six from Canada, two from the USA and one each from Australia, Bangladesh, Britain, Nigeria, New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore –  tunny Oct 30 '14 at 6:49

In the classroom & Academic writing is not acceptable. However, in spoken form may be accepted _ to convey meaning

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