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As an English learner it always make me confuse to know that a specific word / phrase use in which English language countries ? Is there any way that I can check a word or phrase to know that it uses in America or England ? because there are a lot of words and phrases that came from different sources and I really do not know where the base of writing come from ? Thank you very much Matt

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Look up the word in a good dictionary. The geography may be indicated like this: Queue: "1 chiefly British" oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/queue Line: "North American" oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/line HTH –  Kris Aug 23 at 4:51
See also: English Language Learners –  Kris Aug 23 at 4:58
Using the string 'it uses' here is attempting to employ 'use' as a middle verb. I've checked my strong suspicion that this is ungrammatical, and can find no authorities licensing the middle usage. The string 'whether it is used' is what you want here. –  Edwin Ashworth Aug 23 at 8:30
As an aside, do not put question marks at the end of sentences that are not questions. And do not put a whitespace before a question mark, that is wrong in pretty much any language except French. –  RegDwigнt Aug 23 at 13:18
Thank you guys. –  user88528 Aug 24 at 2:20