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I would write an academic research report and i would like to know how to write :

"Ocean of knowledge"

to describe an enormous source of knowledge ?

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I think in my neck of the woods it'd be more idiomatic to speak of a (vast) sea of knowledge. But a (great) ocean of knowledge is okay, indeed if you google around you will see many many people using it.

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thanks for your quick answer, I'll use it! – Panos Angelopoulos Aug 8 '14 at 11:23
There's also the Ocean Sea – Mitch Aug 8 '14 at 13:45

Universe of Knowledge is another metaphor:

  • "Universe of knowledge" is a metaphor that has been important in library classification theory.

Source: http://www.iva.dk/bh/Lifeboat_KO/CONCEPTS/universe_of_knowledge.htm

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A body of knowledge is a collection of all concepts and ideas within a particular field. The word "body" doesn't imply massiveness on its own, but the full term is typically understood to refer to a mass of information sufficiently large to describe an entire domain of knowledge, which must inherently be quite large.

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