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For example, "Is there any cars available?"

When the speed of speech is getting faster, it isn't really going easy to make sure of making a lip formation about V where the bottom lip must be behind of the top.

In my case, when I do that, the lip formation has been going similar to B sound.

F sound is the same as well.

Here is my point, is that natural or should make exact formation as them selves?

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I suggest that you ask this question at the English Language Learners forum (ell.stackexchange.com). And native speakers have no problem pronouncing the "v" in "available", even at high speed. –  Pitarou Aug 2 at 4:07
When I pronounce V, I nearly bite the top of my bottom lip. The top teeth rest on the bottom lip and then vibrate. –  SrJoven Aug 2 at 4:08
If you are making a "B" sound then your top and bottom lips are touching. When you say "V" the lips should not touch each other. –  Jim Aug 2 at 4:17
Thanks for leaving comment. Any how, that means do I have to bite my bottom lip with top teeth as sounding of them? –  HyoinHa Aug 2 at 5:41
No, you don't need to bite your lip. You need to practice. Put your mouth in the correct position slowly. Make the sound /v/ (or /f/, same position, same sound, but no throat voicing) alone. Repeatedly. Often. Several times a day. When you get it right, try doing it faster. Start with words that begin with /v/, /f/, /b/, /p/: vee, fee, bee, pee; van, fan, ban, pan etc. The trouble is doing it fast, with other consonants around. In available, the second syllable is stressed and starts with /v/, so that's easier than shouldn't've, which comes out shouldna for most natives. –  John Lawler Aug 2 at 14:51

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