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I am wondering whether this is a correct usage:

For the system going to be developed, the diagram is shown below.

I said that without thought and now I wonder as Google yields no hits on similar sentences. I am concerned with the usage of "going to be" in this context. Or should I say "For the system TO BE.."?

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It actually somewhat depends on what you describe the current state of your system as.

If you are yet to start working on your system/it will be developed in future, you can use phrases like-

For the system that will be developed, the diagram is shown below.


The diagram, for the system that will be developed, is shown below.

If you want to indicate that you are already working on your system(work-in-progress), consider using-

For the system being developed, the diagram is shown below.

There are some other phrases that can be used as well, depending on the conjugation of the verb "develop" with various tenses. Check out this link for a detailed reference.

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Also, the going to as I used that is incorrect? What "For the system that is going to be developed" - sounds fine to me. –  SilkyS Jul 28 at 8:23
Technically speaking, yes. 'Going to be' isn't incorrect in your sentence. However in sentences like these, "going to be" isn't as widely used, due to presence of better phrases that could be used, as described in the answer. –  Manish Jul 28 at 8:42
Thanks, so from the grammar point of view - "For the system going to be developed" is not incorrect. –  SilkyS Jul 28 at 8:50

You could say it like this: "For the system that is going to be developed, the diagram is shown below". OR "The following diagram shows the system that we are developing"

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