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I read this sentence from the book "REVOLUTION 2020"

I remained under a banyan tree, exhausted by my daily ritual of hauling up the men every two hours".

I got the meaning for haul up as "to come to a halt" . but i dont thhik this will be fit for this sentence. can anyone explain this.

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Probably the following meaning fits your sentence: To haul up: call to account.dictionary.reference.com/browse/hauled+up –  Josh61 Jul 2 at 7:28
Maybe a little more context would help? –  medica Jul 2 at 8:27
Could be that the speaker works at the top of a well, at the bottom of which some men work 2 hour shifts. –  Rupe Jul 2 at 10:58
Haul up means to lift far more often than stop. The meaning of to stop comes from having to pull up the heads of the horses on a team to signal them to stop. –  Oldcat Jul 2 at 18:03

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