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What is this called?

enter image description here

I know it's a collage, but is there more specific term for a collection of a pictures arranged in a way that creates the illusion of a "big picture" from amongst them?

Bonus: What's a better word than "illusion" to describe that "big picture"?

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A photographic mosaic or photomosaic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photographic_mosaic

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+1 Photomosaic is exactly what I asked for, so I've accepted. It's a little bit on-the-nose for my use-case though - I wonder if there are any more general terms for this sort of phenomenon. A photomosaic is a form or type of _____ ? –  drewmore Jun 23 at 23:42
@drewmore: It is a type of collage which you already mentioned in your question. But as it is usually computer-created, it is a montage also. –  ermanen Jun 26 at 4:56

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