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I know: One who reviews = reviewer
One who undergoes a review = reviewee

I thought: One who approves = approver
A person seeking someone's approval = approvee

But I found that there is no word like approvee. What is the appropriate word for this meaning?

More specifically, suppose X needs something to be approved and Y is the person who can approve X's things.
Now, Y is approver of X.
X is what of Y?

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Another word might be candidate:

  1. A person who is running in an election or who is applying to a position for a job.
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The question here is whether this person you're looking to name is the one undergoing approval, or one who puts forth something for approval. If I need my boss's signature to approve a vacation, he's the approver, but the vacation request is the approvee, not me. I'm just the one who made the request.

Loans are approved. Requests are approved. People, in general, aren't. There is a related phrase, "seeking someone's approval", which means seeking someone's good will, but there the approver in question isn't approving you, he's approving of you.

So to find the right word here, you'd need to give more specific context. In many cases, @user3306356's suggestion of applicant will be appropriate. Look for the action which leads to the approval process.

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What you understand is correct. I mean 'the person who is seeking someones approval'. – Mohayemin Jun 17 '14 at 5:51

Perhaps applicant

ODE: a person who makes a formal application for something, especially a job.

Usually someone who needs something approved has to apply for something first.


OP: What you understand is correct. I mean 'the person who is seeking someones approval'. – Mohayemin

Then you're looking for: approval seeker

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I suggest candidate or examinee.

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I agree the question is very general and has many answers depending on specifics. This applies to your parallel example of reviewer too: I have been a reviewer, but NEVER considered my vict... er, subjects reviewees. They were performers, artists, writers, authors, etc. As to approval, the person quailing before the gatekeeper may be applicant, supplicant, employee, candidate, probationer, trainee, rookie, protege, lover, butt-kisser...

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