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Between Drupal Planet, and Planet Drupal, which one is correct?
I would think Planet Drupal is correct, in the same way Planet Earth is correct. Which one would be the interpretation of Drupal Planet?

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Planet Drupal tells me this is a planet that is definitely named Drupal.

Drupal Planet tells me this is a planet that has Drupal as a central feature of the planet in some way, but that Drupal isn't necessarily the name of the planet. Earth could, for example, be considered "the human planet" or "the water planet" by outsiders.

With this distinction in mind, if you wanted to name a website either Planet Drupal or Drupal Planet, both would be compatible with the idea of "a whole lot of Drupal stuff going on here!"

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Drupal Planet is actually the name of a feed used on drupal.org; in some places of the site it is referenced as Drupal Planet, and in other places it is referenced as Planet Drupal. From your explanation, it should be named Drupal Planet; did I get it right? – kiamlaluno Aug 23 '10 at 20:18
Planet Drupal also sounds like Planet Hollywood. – Neil Fein Aug 23 '10 at 21:03

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