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What are the meanings of 'oppress', 'repress' and 'suppress'?

Does it matter between Help Help! I'm being oppressed! and Help! Help! I'm being repressed!?

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You can yourself repress or suppress the urge to post here.
The government can oppress you - I feel oppress is more political, although an oppressive government can suppress your urges to rebel


a. trans. To overcome, put down, or subdue; to suppress; to check or put an end to; (spec.) to overwhelm (a person) in a fight or battle. Obs.


  1. trans. To put down by force or authority.
    a. To cause (a proceeding, an activity) to cease, e.g. to quell (a rebellion); to put a stop to the use or employment of.


  1. trans.
    a. To put down by force, suppress (an enemy, lawbreaker, troublemaker, etc.); to reduce to subjection, subdue.
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