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Ed is also Technology Editor for Certification Magazine, writes for numerous TechTarget Web sites, and writes a twice-monthly newsletter, “Must Know News,” for CramSession.com. In his spare time, Ed likes to shoot pool, cook, and spend time with his wife Dina and his son Gregory. He also likes to explore the world away from the keyboard with his trusty Labrador retriever, Blackie.

To me it feels like there needs to be the preposition and placed before writes for grammatical consistency. What do you think?

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The sentence you are referring to is a list. Normally, and is only used a separator just before the last item in the list. So I find no fault with the way it is being used here.

However, if I was going to nit-pick, I would suggest substituting one of the occurrences of write with something else (e.g. authors or is the author of) in order to avoid a rather clumsy repetition.

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You must have the same nits over there that we do. – Edwin Ashworth May 12 '14 at 11:15

I'd rephrase the first sentence as follow avoiding the repetition of writes and the use of and before it.

Ed is also technology Editor for Certification Magazine. He writes for numerous TechTarget Web sites and a twice-monthly newspaper....

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