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I searched on Thesaurus but found nothing.

I want to use it in a sentence like the following:

Tuning his guitar was his [...] nightly ritual.

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I'm fairly sure you could skip it if it wasn't a ritual. – Elliott Frisch May 2 '14 at 3:23
how about obligratory – qarma May 2 '14 at 13:23
@qarma That should make an answer. – Vality May 2 '14 at 13:40
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Consider inviolable: too important to be ignored or treated with disrespect.

Tuning his guitar was his inviolable nightly ritual.

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To the extent unskippable means roughly "consistently obeyed" I think any of the following would suffice:

Routine, unvarying, established, standard.

Note though that "unskippable" doesn't seem the right word to me since the guitarist could skip tuning, though he/she does not. He is able to skip, but doesn't. If you truly mean he is incapable of skipping, then consider:

mandatory, required, compulsory.

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Consider "inevitable," "unavoidable" and "inescapable."

I look over to the hands that count down to my unavoidable nightly ritual.

In the past few months this has become an inescapable nightly ritual for me.

"sacrosanct" might work too.

"These officials had air of audaciously disturbing his sacrosanct daily routine for centuries..."

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How about unmissable?

So good that it should not be missed:

But isn't it redundant to describe a "nightly ritual" as unskippable?

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not fluctuating; always at the same time: a fixed holiday.

Most artists have a fixed ritual or routine that they rely on to inspire their efforts from concept to fruition. ~

indispensable would be a stronger adjective also

(of duties, rules etc.) Unbendable, that cannot be set aside or ignored.

As the hour grows later, food takes on greater weight: an indispensable ritual in preparation for the abyss of night, an important sense of satiation at day's end. ~

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I found the word used twice, and spelled differently but I believe the metaplasm is a critic's play on the author's style:

To say that Mr Curtis's introduction and running comment are in their way as delightful, as “unskipable" as the letters themselves, is to do them only exact justice. -The Critic; an illustrated monthly review of literature, ... v.14 1889


They should be seen as they appeared, in the midst of much advertising of the ordinary sort, where they stood out with an enticing boldness that made them unskippable.-American printer and lithographer. v.31 1900-1901 Sep-Feb.

Despite the hapax legomenon nature, the use by an American printer baptizes the word's legitimacy.

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