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I'm wondering if there is a phrase that has similar meaning with "outlive" but in alcohol drinking context.

Example sentence:

"I have a very high alcohol tolerance, I will [phrase] you all". Meaning, "You all will get drunk before I do".

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outdrink: drink more alcohol than (another person)

outlast: to endure or last longer than.

drink you under the table: to be able to drink more alcohol than someone else.

I will be the last one standing

Young graduate dies in 'last man standing' drinking competition

I have a hollow leg: an ability or inclination to drink large quantities of alcoholic beverages, especially without evident drunkenness.

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'Drink you under the table' is the expression I'd usually use. – Doc Apr 27 '14 at 18:22

The word outdrink matches your description perfectly:

To outdo in drinking, drink more than.

It seems to have first appeared in the 1500s, per the OED:

a1500 (1450) tr. Secreta Secret. (Ashm. 396) (1977) 39 (MED),
Whan thou art in that pleasaunce, absteyne the fro drynke and suffre others to spare it not, and lett hem drynke atavnt and outdrynke other.

1622 T. Dekker & P. Massinger Virgin Martir ii. sig. D, I durst out-drinke a Lord.

1675 Mistaken Husband iii. 34 How will I gnaw the sweet-meats in my fury! Out eat a Justice, and out drink a Jury.

1735 Pope Satires of Donne ii, in Wks. II. 37 Who..Out-cant old Esdras, or out-drink his Heir.

1822 C. M. Sedgwick New-Eng. Tale xiii. 216 Rivington was a fit companion for his new friend; addicted to a score of vices; gambling high, and out-drinking, out-swearing, and out-bullying his comrades.

1891 Missionary Herald (Boston) Dec. 538 He..tried to outdrink the heaviest drinkers. 1976 J. Wainwright Bastard i. 20 He couldn't out-fight me. He couldn't out-daredevil me. He couldn't out-drink me.

1995 E. Toman Dancing in Limbo v. 120 There was no man in Derry he couldn't outdrink.

If you're in a bar with a group of scientists, consider:

You have a half-life of a lithium-5, you lightweight...I will outdo you all with my molybdenum-100!

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a bit curious here.. why does it have to be a group of scientists? – Petra Barus Apr 27 '14 at 1:10
@Petra Barus Purely hypothetical example :) – SEL Apr 27 '14 at 12:17

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