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Is the usage of the word 'already' in the following sentence correct?

We have used an already calibrated camera fixed on the robot.

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Yes, this usage is correct. Note that it is conventional to use a hyphen when you are writing a compound adjective (see rule 6.39 given in this answer, which draws from CMoS):

already-calibrated camera

As you are probably aware, this means the same thing as:

We have used a camera that has already been calibrated, fixed on the robot.

Here are some examples from COCA that use "already" to modify an adjective in this way:


If your own novel's hero seems too similar to an already-established sleuth, try some mixing and matching.


This article focuses on one already-existing version of what new schools might look like and explores some problems it faces in contemporary America.


Curriculum compacting was designed to eliminate already-mastered content and to provide students with enrichment activities in the time saved.

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A well-crafted answer! – Gary's Student Apr 26 '14 at 15:04

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