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I am looking for a word that does not have a negative connotation and is a succinct general term for a: non user, but vocal, stakeholder.

Arbitrary example:

Say a new road was going to be built through an area. What would you call a person who is not directly impacted (lives in a different area) but would make a submission (for / against) its construction? e.g., "It will give the elderly better access to X resource", "It will harm Y bird's migration path."

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The general legal term would be an advocate.

a person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy.

Another legal term that I don't think meets your scenario is guardian but is often used for a person that watches over another person or public interest.

Two very similar words that have less legalese are champion or crusader.

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I would say they are an interested observer.

That distinguishes them from an interested party, who is clearly involved in the situation.

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Describing them as being "community minded" would be a way of putting a positive spin on it.

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