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What would be the gender-neutral version of the term "dairyman"?

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dairyperson –  IQAndreas Apr 11 at 5:15
There is a closely related question “Gender-neutral Forms” that addresses gender neutral terms in general. –  MετάEd Apr 11 at 19:52

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I would suggest "dairy farmer" if you mean the owner of the dairy farm. And "dairy farm worker" if you mean the general worker. These are the official occupations (at least in most of the English speaking countries)

Also, the business is called dairy farming.


1. A man who owns or manages a dairy.

2. A man who works in a dairy.

dairy farmer: the owner or manager of a dairy

There are even dairy farmers associations in different countries:

Here is a list of dairy occupations (from the book "Modern Livestock & Poultry Production" By James Gillespie, Frank Flanders):

enter image description here

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Dairy barman? That sounds cool! –  svick Apr 11 at 0:26
+1 Blessed are the cheesemakers. –  MετάEd Apr 11 at 19:53

How about dairy worker or dairy keeper, depending upon the employment status of the individual concerned?

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Depending on context, consider:

dairy hand

dairy helper

dairy operative

dairy peddler

dairy deliverer

dairy merchant

dairy dealer

dairy rancher

and dairy operator

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