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Is there an opposite of tightfisted that also contains reference to a hand?

The opposite of 'tightfisted' is always 'generous'.

I want a word, idiom, or phrase that means generous but with reference to hand or a form or part of it like fist etc.

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openhanded (adj) - giving freely; generous.

Might be the closest you'll get.

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Indeed; it's hard to get closer than a bulls-eye. – Peter Shor Mar 31 '14 at 16:39
In my experience, tightfisted is almost exclusively used when referring to someone's willingness to give money, specifically. Openhanded is used mostly for money, but also hospitality and a general willingness to help. – fredsbend Mar 31 '14 at 19:43

To give a hand. When you want to help or be generous to someone.

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Gladhand. While not an exact match, it's closely related. Typically used to describe one who is "working the crowd" with smiles and handshaking. Frequently used when the persons motives are political in nature.

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Not perfect, but handy conveys something of the desired intent.

And, more of a "neutro-nym" than an antonym, but there's also even-handed.

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