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Is there a single word (or better set of words) to express e.g.:

  • "liberalism avers the primacy of the individual", or
  • "Johannes renders his masculinity essential?
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Just FWIW, Liberalism "focusses on" the individual is a common usage in certain such sentences. – Joe Blow Mar 30 '14 at 5:56
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Since, the meaning of primacy is the state of being the most important or first in estimation, I would say that a term that means to elevate in status would be a good substitute for aver the primacy.

Exalt: Means something similar to this. It is to elevate in estimation by praising.

Liberalism exalts the individual.
Johannes exalts his masculinity.

Similarly, Aggrandize; Elevate; Enshrine.

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You can consider emphasize [AmE] (or emphasise [BrE]) also.

1 to give particular importance or attention to something

3 to make something more noticeable

Liberalism emphasizes the individual.

Johannes emphasises his masculinity.

Special note: I would like to emphasize David M's answer "exalt" also, especially for the first example.

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