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A nymphomaniac is the word which signifies a woman with uncontrolled sexual desires. What is the best word to describe a man who demonstrates similar characteristics?

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Ummmmmm ... Man? –  David M Mar 7 at 4:28
serial cheater, two timer, sex-mad, sex addict ... –  Mari-Lou A Mar 7 at 4:31

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Satyriasis (also satyromania) is the corresponding condition to nymphomania in men.

It is derived from the Satyrs who in Greek mythology were drunken hyper-sexual goat-man creatures who were attendant upon Dionysus.

This same condition is often called Don Juanism, too. Named for the classic literary character Don Juan, famous for his conquests with women.

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Also called satyromania. So they can be called satyromaniac. –  ermanen Mar 7 at 4:39
@ermanen That is true. –  David M Mar 7 at 4:39
I'm pretty sure that "horny" came from the "Satyr"'s goat horns. –  Kristina Lopez Mar 7 at 15:20
@Kristina Lopez It did. There are a lot of horn references in sexuality. Some are directly phallic, though. –  David M Mar 7 at 15:36

Wikipedia uses "hypersexuality":

hypersexuality"Man-crazy", "Nympho", "Nymphomaniac" and "Sexual Dependency" redirects to hypersexuality. Hypersexuality is extremely frequent or suddenly increased sexual urges or sexual activity.

The appropriate form would then be "hypersexual".

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I believe that is a general term for anyone, despite the gender, is sexually hyperactive. –  logeeks Mar 7 at 4:29
But it is still the best term to call a man who is hypersexual. Why insist on a gendered term when the non sexist term is better? –  Bradd Szonye Mar 7 at 7:21
@BraddSzonye because of the OPs framing of the question. They wanted a counterpoint not a catch-all. I assume they want the inherent pejorative connotation as well. Calling someone hypersexual isn't as insulting as nymphomaniac. –  David M Mar 7 at 12:34
@david I know – I'm deliberately questioning the OP's premises, and asking him to question whether he really wants the sexism that the gendered versions of these words imply. –  Bradd Szonye Mar 7 at 20:56
@BraddSzonye That seems reasonable. There is a use for such terms, though. Hyper-sexual is not something to call your daughter-in-law when you're trying to convince your son she's been doing the gardner behind his back. And, vice-versa. You would want a pejorative in those cases. –  David M Mar 7 at 21:08

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