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Cherry smashes are defined as feeble kisses and a honey cooler is simply a kiss. Cherry smashes was slang from the 1920s and a honey cooler was slang from the 1930s. Any ideas why feeble kisses would be cherry smashes or why a honey cooler would be a kiss?

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The term is very rare, but it's been used in several ways over the years. 1887: He's a worker — what they call out West a " honey cooler" or a " rustler." 1895: Ain't the Judge a honey cooler, though 1 He ain't the kind that'll hang a man first and try him later. Etc., etc. Also a sensual potential sex partner, which probably leads to the "sexually promising" nuance in OP's also-rare long-lost slang. – FumbleFingers Mar 5 '14 at 4:02

Because your gal's lips are red like cherries and her kisses are sweet as honey.

Just don't tell her you had to go to the internet to find this out.

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