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As temporal is the adjective which describes things relating to time, is there such a word for temperature? The hyphenated 'temperature-related' works, but it is not a single word.

For context, I'm looking for an equivalent phrase to:

 "one's culinary preferences"

but with the word as described above.

Google has thus far been unhelpful in my search, though it did lead me to this fantastic list.

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You claim that 'temperature-related' ... is not a single word'. It depends on the definition of word. This source has: 'Is there an accepted rule in publishing about whether hyphenated words and phrases are counted as one word or multiple words?' ... 'I've seen both ways listed in submission guidelines, so I'm not sure there is one definitive answer.' – Edwin Ashworth Feb 27 '14 at 23:55
Fair point. Either way, I don't want a hyphen. – Aidan Miles Feb 28 '14 at 0:26

Perhaps thermal would work.

thermal adjective

Relating to heat:
thermal conductivity
the thermal properties of food


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There is thermic or thermal, "related to heat", which would fit your context. Temperature is, after all, exclusively about the presence and quantity of energy in the form of heat. A thermometer measures temperature. Greek thermos means "hot", Latin temperatura means something like "measurement, temperature", ultimately from tempus, "(proportion of) time".

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If you were referring to scientific measures of temperature, caloric might suit

Of or relating to heat; calorific

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If you are using it in a culinary book, you could use

"one's heating preferences"

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