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I am reading a book and I came across the sentence below. I am not getting the meaning out of the line. Please guide me. Thanks.

I decided that the most important thing to do was to figure out how to take a single country off of oil.

Edit: Its about Israel, how Israel decided they would move forward when they had no resources.

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It probably means "make a country not depend on oil (petroleum)", but we'll need more context to be able to answer. You have a whole book worth of context, and didn't understand it, but expect us to interpret it in complete isolation. –  RegDwigнt Jan 8 at 15:39
I agree. It's almost certainly a question of dependency as in "Get off of drugs" or "Get off of sugary foods." –  Preston Fitzgerald Jan 8 at 15:40
We say of an addict that he is on the drug to which he is addicted, so to get him off of it is to end his addiction. –  StoneyB Jan 8 at 15:41

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