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I am interested to know if, for some, there is a subtle difference between the two phrases in the title. I am equally interested in knowing if there is a subtle difference.

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There is, at least in American English, no discernible difference as far as meaning between the two phrases. Both phrases introduce something which you wish to learn. However, the form interested in knowing is a bit more common that interested to know, which does sound a bit more awkward (at least in my opinion).

Another phrase, if you're curious, would be interested in learning.

I am interested in learning whether or not dogs have legs.

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They do. Usually 4. –  Sam Holder Feb 17 '11 at 22:23

A common view generally is that the -ing form focusses more on the "middle" of an action when a choice between it and the infinitive is available. I think this view could work here, though the difference is subtle as you say.

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