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On my business card I have the contact details of my office, however I want to include the contact details of my home.

I want to make it known that the above details are my home's. How can I write it? "Residence contact details"?

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Use the same pattern people use to differentiate business vs. personal phone numbers, now that cell phones are ubiquitous, and abbreviate, with O for Office and H for Home.


O: 111 Business Street

H: 222 Residential Street

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Or spell out "Business" / "Office" & "Home". Depending which country you're in, abbreviations may not always be obvious. Also, bear in mind that in the UK, "my cell" sounds as if you are in prison - we call them "mobile phones" and not everyone is familiar with the US term. – TrevorD Aug 20 '13 at 14:43

There are a few possibilities. Here are two that might be common:

  • Home vs Office
  • Residence vs Business
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On a business card, space is at a premium. So -- bearing in mind that single-letter abbreviations are problematic, for the reason TrevorD gives in his comment -- I'd keep the descriptors to a minimum, as follows:


Address line 1

Address line 2 (etc.)



Business (or Office):

Address line 1

Address line 2 (etc.)


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