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What's the implication of the following sentences?

  • Could you refer me to the job?
  • Could you introduce me to the job?
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I'm going to refer you to ELL, the site for English Language Learners, where I think this question would have a better chance of success. However, should you introduce this question over there, you should do a better job of elaborating on why you're confused, and what you know about the meanings of the words in question (after all, I assume you've at least checked a couple dictionaries...) –  J.R. Jun 22 '13 at 2:15
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I think refer means to tell a person about where they could acquire a job, perhaps provide contacts. Refer suggests that the person gives you direction to the job, telling you where you can look but doesn't take any active role in your interaction with the job.

Then, introduce would mean that the person takes an active role in showing you the aspects of a job, like a tour or training. It would suggest the person is at a job showing you around.

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