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For example:

  • Lamina / Animal
  • Dog / God
  • Ogre / Ergo
  • Desserts / Stressed
  • Tuba / Abut

These are all anagrams, but they are a special type of anagram, where the order of letters is exactly reversed. They aren't palindromes, as they spell a different word when read backwards. I feel like there should be some sort of latin-sounding name for them, but the best I can come up with is the rather imprecise-sounding "backwards words", "mirror anagrams" or "reverse spelling pairs"...

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I have seen a couple different terms used for this. The first is anadrome and the second, more facetiously, is semordnilap. They both mean essentially the same thing: a word (or phrase, as is the case with semordnilap) that spells another word or phrase backwards.

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