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Person A ask a question person B.
B answers something.
A argues with B.
B ignorantly says (thinking its no issue arguing person like A) hm, people like you won't understand.

Is ignorantly the correct word here?

Look at that word hm; it’s like hmmm but not uttered to that level stress but uttered very quickly to express the dissatisfaction or thinking other persons’ argument is wrong.

My question is whether ignorantly is the correct word to use.

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It sounds like something along the lines of dismissively might work better. –  dingo_dan May 1 '13 at 6:30
Ignorantly implies that people who think that A won't understand are ignorant. This may be what is meant, but probably isn't. –  Colin Fine May 1 '13 at 12:55

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Ignorantly is semantically possible if person A in fact would understand an argument and would be willing to change his or her point of view. However, dingo_dan's suggestion of dismissively is an excellent alternative and probably a better choice.

The sentences have a few grammatical and other problems, though. This is one possible revision that solves the grammatical, syntactic, punctuation, capitalization, and word choice problems:

Person A asks person B a question. B answers. A argues with B. B dismissively says (thinking that there's no point in arguing with someone like A), "Hm, people like you won't understand".

The introductory grunt of "Hm" is fine. It's not a word, though, just a brief dismissive sound. It has no bearing on whether you should use ignorantly or dismissively.

This revision is clearer than the original, and I like dismissively better here as well.

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