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I'm looking for a word that would fit the space below:

Even as a(n) [adjective] city-dweller, I recognize the importance of the haystacks.

I have searched to no avail and restructured the sentence in case no such word exists, but I'm still curious and would love to keep it in the structure above.

  • "Native" conveys the origination I'm after, but not the continuous perpetuation
  • "Perpetual" is too eternal, as is "eternal" (I want to convey "until now")
  • "Perennial" doesn't convey origination or, necessarily, continuousness
  • "Longtime" has the same problems as "perennial"
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"Lifelong" city dweller covers past and present.

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Wow, that totally works! I'm a little dismayed that the answer was so simple after pondering it for as long as I have, but that same simplicity makes it all the more perfect. Thank you for being knowledgeable—and speedy! – Tyler James Young Apr 18 '13 at 23:16
Thanks @TylerJamesYoung, I'm sure it was just on the tip of your tongue. Lol! – Kristina Lopez Apr 18 '13 at 23:18

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