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A set of terms occurs frequently in software company names. Some are pretty obvious like "-soft," "software," and "apps/applications." However, some are not so obvious (at least to me). What is the connotative/denotative meaning of these words when they occur in a software company name? What about a company would make it more/less likely to use one of these descriptors?

  1. Designs
  2. Dynamics
  3. Solutions
  4. Systems
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They sometimes have some denotational value, but they are mostly just marketese, like the names of many companies in other fields. – Cerberus Mar 20 '13 at 3:32
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Check this page out for an even bigger glossary. And for your answer:

  1. Designs: The phase in the software life-cycle that emphasises a logical solution, i.e. how the system fulfills the requirements. During object-oriented design, there is an emphasis on defining logical software objects that will ultimately be implemented in an object-oriented programming language. In this view, the design serves as a high level description of the source code, describing its key features and giving a blueprint of how the code is organised.

    Hence, a company might suggest that it is capable of (with other things) delivering high level description of the source code highlighting the key features.

  2. Dynamics: I think the word would make sense if a company deals with dynamic solutions rather than static. E.g.: A company creating content management systems. or even MS Dynamics and other enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software applications.
    E.g.: Dynamic Software

  3. Solutions: I guess anyone who provides an end-product(solution) would make sense. It can be area specific like web solutions or can even mean a wider deliverable like a whole system (CRM and ERP), etc. E.g.: Opera Solutions

  4. Systems: Using this word in a name would suggest a more hardware oriented solution like a company that would respond to specific network topology needs or even large scale data storage needs. E.g.: Cisco Systems, Inc.

And of course, most names are coined to sound catchy or stand out, without even having to mean or relate anything. :)

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