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I have been working as a graphic designer for a while and we design and print advertisement material and cover cars / vans with it.

What do we call this in English?

I am preparing my CV and I don't know how to put it there. Thanks.

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From The Food Truck Handbook, 2012:

Vehicle wrapping is also known as vehicle graphics, transit graphics, wrap advertising, transit advertising, and vehicle decals.

I'm a bit surprised they didn't also include the term most familiar to me (vehicle signage). Perhaps that's because I'm UK-based, I don't know.

Another term frequently used in this context is Custom Livery. There's a preponderance of racing cars in the images in that link, but I associate the expression more with buses/coaches, shop delivery vans, and haulage lorries. To me, livery is either pure decoration, or it normally advertises the owners of the vehicle. So I don't really like seeing it applied to racing cars which are mainly covered with advertisements for sponsors. I suppose you could say the sponsors "own" the car, but it doesn't seem quite right to me if all they did was supply the oil, for example.

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'Vehicle signage' would be understood by non-experts (in contrast to 'wrapping' – Mitch May 9 '13 at 12:55

It's called wrapping.

Not much more to say, really. This really is a three-word answer.

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I've used it as vehicle wrapping. I was thinking covering. I'm still not sure. Wanted to know if there is a special term for this... Thank you! – Ediz Arca Mar 6 '13 at 19:12

I've heard it specifically referred to as "vinyl wrapping" when using vinyl for the wrap. I have no idea if other materials are ever used as I've only ever heard of vinyl wrapping.

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