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Beyond the definitions of both words, I can't find which is best in which context.

If I mean giving impontance to something, which one should I use?

If I mean giving more value ($) to something, which one should I use?

If I want to mean both?

By example: Valorize your data / Value your data ?

Thank for your help.

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Is 'valorize' in the dictionary? If it is, it is very rare. – Mitch Mar 6 '13 at 18:16
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The words have different meanings.

'valorize' is a really rare word, and specifically means to artificially maintain the price of something by government intervention. So don't use it unless you are intending to have the government impose price controls on your data.

'value' can mean 'giving importance', so is probably the one you want in that case. But beware - 'value your data' can mean a lot of things, and not everybody would interpret it to mean 'make more important'.

If you want to increase the amount your data sells for then "increase the value of' is probably what you mean.

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Actually, you'd increase the price of your data. The actual value might well remain the same. – Jim Mar 6 '13 at 21:15

As @DJClayworth says, you should probably forget you ever came across valorize - it doesn't figure in most people's vocabularies, and if you come across it at all it'd probably be an (erroneous, imho) attempt to convey the sense of either to validate or to evaluate.

I think you'd normally speak of adding value to your data, but you might also monetise it.

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