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I need an abstraction for the above terms.

In financial services, counterparty is often used.

Another hypernym could be account (although this sounds more like a bank account, or user/login account).

Also third-party account (although I've never heard of this one).

Which would be the correct way and/or most descriptive term?

My reason for asking is that I am designing a new database schema and want a base name from which these three types will inherit.

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The faq says not to ask for suggestions for variable names. I suspect this is why you got downvoted. –  donothingsuccessfully Feb 17 '13 at 19:43
In what contexts would it be meaningful to distinguish between Supplier and Manufacturer? –  FumbleFingers Feb 17 '13 at 20:55
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I might use the term associate or business associate. This could apply to anyone that you do business with.

Outside of the context that you provided, if I were to organize my contacts, I might have a group called business associates. For another example, in my business, successes are often recognized by inviting the business associates to a celebration.

Of course, in managing software development, I imagine you would want to be able to communicate its functionality in terms that closely resemble a natural language. Knowing proper natural language terminology is essential to simplifying that process. You might elide from natural language in your actual software, but in modern software development the distinction between simplified computer naming and natural language can be minimized. This has the clear advantage that your terms become easy to understand by people as well as by machines.

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